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Rigid Video Laryngoscope
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Product introduction
  • name:  HugeMed Rigid Video Laryngoscope
  • Brand:  HugeMed
  • Place of Origin: SHENZHEN
  • model:VL3H
Product features

Main Features

Five Size Diameter Rigid Laryngoscope

The VL3H Series Features

5 Size: 3.0mm、3.9mm、5.0mm

5 models of VL3H hard blades: N3065、N3965、H5055、H5065、H5075

Specification H5055, H5065, H5075, diameter for disposable

Specification N3065, N3965, diameter can be reused for more than 5,000 times

 Integrated design, no maintenance

3.5-inch full view LCD scrren

resolution ratio: 640X480

5 diameter specifications

 support oxygen supply

The stylet can be arbitrary plastic, rear end high elastic, not easy to damage the airway 

Can take pictures, videos, data output storage files

The diameter of the pipe can be reused for more than 5,000 times


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