International market Expansion — HugeMed established the European office

  • 2021-04-10 16:32:12

To meet the company’s growing business needs, better communicate and cooperate with customers, HugeMed established its office in Europe in July 2020. The establishment of the office will further promote the rapid development of HugeMed business in Europe, increase the speed of local service response, and improve the quality of customer service and branding. It lays a solid foundation for HugeMed to further expand in Europe and even the global market.

HugeMed is a high-tech company integrating R(research) & D(development) and production of medical device, consumables, sales and After-service, which is dedicated to R & D, production and manufacture of endoscopes. HugeMed products obtained CE, FDA, SFDA, and ISO13485 certificates. They have been exported to more than 50 countries and districts, together with positive feedback in the global market.

 Due to the impact of COVID 19 this yearthe business and exhibitions blocked. The establishment of the office will strengthen cooperation and interaction with customers in the region: products performance, stock and after-sales problems. At the same time, it also gives a long-term, stable connections between salesmen and customers, which greatly will increases customers’confidence.

 Currently, the video laryngoscope have been sent to the warehouse in The Netherlands. We have also contacted European customers for trial during the delivery. Now, all pictures sent to customers via e-mail, the quality guarantees will become real demos so that customers can personally check the quality and accuracy of the product descriptions. It is believed that many customers with hesitation can have a better understanding of our products after testing the demos, to decide whether to buy it faster or not. It is also expected that HugeMed will have more steady market in Europe, and customers will have better services.

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