Flexible Video Laryngoscope VL3S

HugeMed  VL3S Series     Flexible  Video LaryngoscopeOptional size insertion tube with 2.8mm,3.9mm,5.2mm,5.8mm diameter designed f

  • Product name: VL3S

HugeMed  VL3S Series     

Flexible  Video Laryngoscope

Optional size insertion tube with 2.8mm,3.9mm,5.2mm,5.8mm diameter designed for different intubation.


Four size diameter laryngoscope with 3 Instrument channel size

The VL3S series features 4 size:2.8mm,3.9mm,5.2mm,5.8mm outer diameter while maintaining 1.2mm,2.2mm,2.6mm channel diameter for instruments.

Optimal image quality

Hugemed VL3S laryngoscope with high resolution CMOS sensor delivers high-resolution image quality comparable to conventional hybrid scopes.

Wider angulation range

160up,130down angulation range supports smoother insertion to lobe bronchi and allows more of a bend in the scope when an endo therapy device is inserted in the endoscope’s working channel.

Portable monitoring system

Friendly HDMI port can connect with big monitor. Video,camera function available

180 degree up and down make operation view comfortable.

1:1 inserted rotation function

The inserted rotation can be 1:1 transfer from handle to distal tip. This supports easier operation and smoother.


optical system

 fild of field


 depth of field



 insertion section

 insertion tube outer diameter

2.8mm 3.9mm 5.2mm 5.8mm

 distal end out diameter

 working length




 channel Inner diameter

1.2mm 2.2mm 2.6mm

 minmum Visible length

3mm form the dital to end

bending section

 angulation range

160 up 130 down