• Video laryngoscope is a new type of video intubation tool. A high-definition anti-fog camera is installed on the front of the lens, and two light-emitting diodes provide light and contrast.

  • Dynamic laryngoscope / stroboscopic laryngoscope is currently the main examination method for studying laryngeal function.

  • As a new type of video endotracheal intubation system, video laryngoscope has received extensive attention in clinical work.

  • What Are The Advantages of VideoLaryngoscope?

  • Breathe from a well-known medical device manufacturer and use high-quality stainless steel to make anesthesia video laryngoscope lenses to avoid secondary damage to the patient due to lens scratches.

  • Purchasing video laryngoscopes from official channels will have more options, and the parameters of each model are more accurate, so it is better to choose and will be recognized by more users

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